Gunderson Law Firm


Fee Amount

The first meeting we have with any new potential client is complimentary.  After that our fees will be calculated on the basis of hourly rates for the respective lawyer, paralegal, or law clerk involved, except in contingency fee cases.  These rates vary depending upon experience and expertise and are subject to adjustment from time to time.  Our prices may differ depending on the nature of the case and if the case goes to trial.

Contingency Work

Our firm sometimes accepts contingency matters depending on the nature of the case. The majority of our cases are not contingency matters, though we take these cases on rare occasion.

Practice Areas

Gunderson Law Firm practices primarily in the areas of civil litigation, contracts, and real estate.  We also offer services relating to the formation, support, and litigation related to business associations.  However, we are not limited to these areas of practice and evaluate each matter on an individual basis.

What Makes Gunderson Law Firm Different

We pride ourselves on offering the highest level of competent and professional service for the past three decades.  Gunderson Law Firm’s size and experience allow us to provide our clients with the individualized attention and care that they deserve.

Getting Started

The best way to get started is to contact our office and set up your complimentary consultation today.
Phone: 775-829-1222