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Harlan has graced the desks of all Gunderson Law Firm attorneys for more than fifteen years. Serving as the official Firm mascot, Harlan is constantly awarded and passed around to the attorney with the most recent achievement pertaining to a specific case or client, a gold star if you will (except he’s a solid, sturdy bulldog). From federal and state court cases in Nevada and California, several jury and non-jury cases and countless business litigation matters and commercial arbitrations, Harlan has continued to serve as a visual display of praise, accomplishment and motivation for the Firm…not to mention limited employee gloating. With a strong stance and inherent knack for hard work and tenacity, Harlan exemplifies what’s to be expected from Gunderson Law Firm attorneys.

Prior to becoming an official Firm Mascot, Harlan’s past is shrouded in mystery.

Professional and Community Involvement

Harlan is a past board member of “Tchotchkes for Success.”* He also fervently supports Gunderson Law Firm attorneys in their prolific non-profit work throughout northern Nevada.

*Gunderson Law Firm can neither confirm nor deny that this institution exists.


While Harlan has no formal education, he does hang out amongst the legal elite on a daily basis. While the extent of his knowledge of the law and other cerebral realms is not known, we imagine he could hold his own in a courtroom.

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